I set out this morning on my bike at 6.50 am for my usual morning routine of 40 minutes around the local area. I have a route planned that I do regularly and it keeps me fit. But this morning was a bit different. It had been raining and it was a wet & muddy. It was harder going than usual. Towards the end of my route, I turned a corner and was faced with 6 inches of water and thick mud.

I ploughed into it but it got me and I found myself up to my ankles in water & mud. I’d had some warnings earlier on the route as there was lots of other areas that were much muddier and it had been raining all the previous night. I had a plan in my head that had worked for me for the last several months, I could have thought through and reviewed my plan but chose not to. Even when it became apparent that the environment was a lot different. I kept to the original route and in hindsight I knew there was deeper trouble ahead but I kept to the original plan and as I turned the corner, I didn’t have enough momentum to push through the new tougher conditions ahead of me and it got me and disaster struck.

This got me thinking about how what happened here was how I see many businesses are run and in fact how in the past, before I knew any difference, I had run my business too. Sadly, it’s a fact that 90% of businesses will be gone in 10 years time, the odds are stacked against all business owners.

The new Business owner sets off all optimistic and set a plan, often written at the beginning progress is made but the plan is seldom revisited or reviewed, they just get bogged down in slogging away doing the doing, making steady progress. It seems to be working but then something in the environment changes. What worked before doesn’t work. There is not enough momentum and disaster strikes. Some make it through but most don’t.

What does your plan look like…

and how often are you reviewing this? 3 months worth is about what the human brain can cope with.
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