As the Pandemic Crisis lingers, it is clear that business owners need to focus on fundamentals and build solid foundations for success. It isn’t about experimenting with gimmicks or high-priced programmes; it is about leveraging basic business basics with practical solutions.

Businesses have four areas where they can apply strategic tactics to improve results. Defining, refining and implementing small improvements within these four categories can lead to massive results. Finding a “magic pill” is not only a fool’s errand, it often leads to more frustration.

The four areas of focus are;

  1. People and Education
  2. Delivery and Distribution
  3. Testing and Measuring
  4. Systems and Technology

Today I’ll be covering the first point:


Effective and highly-functional teams are a crucial element for any business’s success. Whether you have a small operation or a large company, the people who are doing the daily work can be leveraged to achieve higher results. Something as simple as having clear and concise job descriptions, conducting on-going team training, and communicating a mission, vision and company culture/values helps the people in the organisation find direction and purpose.

These are just 4 of the 20 specific ways to affect change in this area.  Each of the 20 strategies requires some work, but each strategy draws more value from your team and/or moves the business owner closer to a business that works so they don’t have to. Expanding your knowledge base as an owner, helps you stay ahead of the competition. The investment you make in your people, your most valuable assets, will get you a great return on investment.

“As a leader, directing and delegating may come naturally, but listening has become a lost art. Perhaps it’s because we’re all running in high gear, productivity is paramount, and we simply don’t take the time to slow down and truly hear what’s going on around us” (Schwantes, 2020).

Developing a team and your leadership skills further can pay great dividends.  In his recent article for, Marcel Schwantes, Founder and Chief Human Officer of Leadership From the Core, outlines areas that leaders need to continue to develop to ensure success. These leadership improvements dovetail directly into efforts and actions you want to take with your teams.

  • Builds trust
  • Become relatable
  • Demonstrates empathy
  • Shows employees they are valued
  • Gain different perspectives
  • Enhances customer experiences

Now is a great time to establish new systems. The “new normal” will require you to change many processes within your business. Making sure your employees and team have an updated road map is critical to your success. Sweeping change without explanation or training will backfire and set you back further. Take action now and start making meaningful change. It may seem like a daunting task and if you venture into the work without guidance or expertise you will find the journey riddled with obstacles that might derail your progress.

Consider hiring a world-class business coach to guide you through the process. Yes, hiring a coach requires an upfront investment, but keep in mind that your coach will help you make the most of all four leverage areas. This is not a short-term exercise. You have to commit. There is so much to learn and explore and having a business coach will ensure you stay on track long-term.

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Chris Wharram