Since the lockdown I have been seeing lots of Business Leaders rejoicing & regaling the chance to spend more time, or even, quality time with the family and the kids.

People who in the past have been chained to their businesses have been forced to stay at home.

It’s given some, the opportunity to be involved and interacting with the kids every day. It feels good. This is a great thing of course and for now it seems like the natural thing to do.

When I hear the phrase ‘spending time with the kids’ and my mind goes to the definition of ‘to spend’. A verb ‘to pay out, disburse, or expend; dispose of’. Is this really what people meant by that?

An alternative may be ‘Investing’ some time with the Kids? Which is of course an even better thing to do.

When we have spent our time, it is gone forever we never get it back, but if we invest our time then there will be a return from this in the future, at some point.


Top Tip

My top tip here is to make a record & measure how you are using your time right now & analyse this at the end of the week. You can then see what is happening to your time in reality. Then you can decide if you are using your time as productively as you want.

So what happens when all this ends and business opens up again and things start to go back to normal? The Business beckons and we all go back to the way that we have always done it?


The business world will not be the same as the one we left.

The financial issues, that have been held back or been allowed to be deferred by the social collective understanding, will be released & the financial realities of business will come flooding back.

Maybe some creditors had been ignored, so they won’t be too happy and will need to be satisfied too.

How will all the virtuous intent to carry on spending time with family be sucked away by the pressures of business?


How can you come out of Lockdown stronger?

During this impasse how else are you investing your time over and above with the family. How much time are you investing preparing the business for coming out of this lockdown?

So, what is the plan to get going again?

Is it just open up and see what happens? Or do you have a plan? A well thought out plan.

What are likely to be the ‘New Ways ‘of the world and how business works and how this affect the way you will need to will do business?

How much of the Normal will be left and how prepared are you to tackle the challenges of the future. The way you have always done it might not cut it going forwards.


As the leader of your business there are likely to be 100 of things in the business that you need to pivot and change. To do this what are the things you need to learn more about?

Are you investing enough time each day into yourself & your business to work on this plan?

After all you used to work 8, 10 or maybe 12 hours a day in your business, what are you presently doing?

What are all the things that need to be thought about to include in your plan & how will you put this together?


Write down the top 3 things you want to achieve in the next 3 months and then list all the actions that need to be taken to get to that end goal, then plan when each action needs to be taken. I can send you a template for this if you want one.

If you had clarity and focus on what needed to be done, by when and by who how much more could you achieve from these quieter times.

So let’s get planning and come out of all this stronger together & thrive out of the other Side.





I am presently running a number of Pro Bono Coaching sessions to help businesses get a plan so that they can thrive out of this lockdown, just reach out to me and I will help you get more than you ever imagined from this situation.

Chris Wharram

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