Free Business Training vs Business Coaching? 

Have you been running your business for a few years now? 

It’s going OK but are you looking out at what is presently happening in the business world and thinking about how things are changing. Is it time for you to ramp it up and get to that next level? 

Youve probably seen a few things on social media and maybe you are thinking that some of this free training might be worth a try. After all what’s the risk, but is it any good? 

With all the changes in the world how much more important is it to make sure you are on the front foot? 

List of Free training available. 

  • FSB, Federation of Small Businesses. Have  online training & webinars. 
  • Chamber of Trade. Offering 6 week courses to businesses with over 5 people 
  • Humber LEP. Have a  growth program with training 
  • FEO. For Entrepreneurs Only. Courses run by volunteers 
  • Others not yet known but grants will be coming from government. 


A lot of the above courses and programs have lots of great content and information in varying degrees If you have not previously had any or very little formal business education, any of the above will certainly add to your  knowledge. You will get lots of templates, Ideas & strategies. You will also get some great advice. I would expect that you would  leave many of these options with some sort of plan and the enthusiasm that will certainly last a few weeks after you complete the course. Having  the information is one thing and nowadays  every piece of information is out there on the internet. In fact most people seem to agree that there is really now too much information. The key is what to do with all this knowledge. It is a only going to be useful if you use it and most people I talk to about the courses a few weeks later, who are struggling to  be able to say what they have actually actioned from the course. 

Of course above all else, the biggest risk you take with all of this is to do nothing? 


Tip 1. 

Pick something & do it. Do some research, talk to people supplying 2 or 3 of the options and commit to take in the new information being offered & just do it. 

General business training is a worthwhile  1st step and generally something good will come out of it. 


Tip 2.  

Think about whether you need general training of a more focused approach on just you & your business. Is it classroom training or focussed 1-2-1  training. The training is goouse of your time as long as you do what needs to be done afterwards. 

From my experience there are 3 reasons that the actions don’t get done and the time has then been effectively wasted. Yes you’ve had  a nice experience but with little result. 


  1. You didn’t quite take enough notes and what seemed simple at the time now looks more complicated 
  2. The template we have been given doesn’t quite actually work and  you are not sure how to alter it to suit  your business. 
  3. Distraction comes along from the busyness of business life. (the Business Owner Trap) as everything  revolves and come back to the business owner. 



Coaching is a combination of training , learning and accountability. Above all it focusses on the elements of your business knowledge that you need to progressively advance to the progress of your business. It’s not just about the business. Ultimately the objective is to get the business owner to a point where the business works whether  the owner is there or not and so giving the freedom to choose how and what to do in or outside of the business. 

Business should give you more life, the money and the time to enjoy it. 

 As they say a smart man learns from his mistakes and a wise man learns from the mistakes of others & you can shortcut your route to the success you deserve for you & your family. 

If you would like to find out  more about how coaching can help you achieve more in less time. we offer a complimentary discovery session. It starts with an initial 15 minute assessment call so that you can assess if a coach can help you  get you & your family the  lifestyle you deserve. 

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