3 common problems with Business Coaching

Are you wanting to grow your business and are thinking that you want some kind of outside assistance but are unsure whether a business coach can help you? And what are common problems with Business Coaching?

This is a common dilemma for many business owners. 

The problem is you’ve got this far without help why not just carry on doing the same things? You’re probably quite busy all the time & working long hours but if being busy was the measure of success most people would be wealthy. So what do other business people know that you don’t which means they are getting massive results without the apparent problems & stress that you are getting every day in your business. What is it that they know that you don’t?   

Let’s dig into this. 

The fact is, you don’t know what you don’t know. Stop….. just think about that for a moment………….. 

The definition of a coach is a vehicle to get you from A to B. So it follows that a Business Coach is about using your business to get you the owner of the business from A to B. Most people  went into business expecting to get a great lifestyle but is that what you presently have? Do you have all the time & the money that you want ? A Business Coach is a coach to the business but also to get the Business Owner to a lifestyle that they always dreamed of.   

Many people think that it is just about what you do in the business and doing more of that or introducing other things to add to what you are doing. Whilst this is certainly part of it there is a whole other level to Business Coaching than just adding strategies. To do things differently we have to learn new things and many of us just don’t realise or remember how much effort it actually takes to learn new things. 


Problem 1. It’s Hard Work 

Business Coach is not for everyone.  It works for Business Owners who really want to improve and get to the next level. 

It’s like joining a gym to get physically fit. If you really want to get fit and make big improvements you hire a personal trainer as well. If you just go to the gym and learn about how to do a few exercises and do them for a few weeks you will get some improvement but the speed & level that you will attain by taking on the personal trainer will be massively higher. With a PT, you have to turn up 3 or 4 times a week and you have to do the exercises to your limit & beyond. Your commitment is hard work but the results are worth it. 

Taking on a business coach is similar. It’s not a magic wand. He/she pushes you and introduces you to new things it is hard. A business coach is not a consultant who does things for you. You have got used to the things you do all the time. You find those things easy so naturally the human brain takes the route of least resistance and you can do lots of those things without thinking. 

Ultimately the performance of your business is your responsibility and I have heard it said about  Business Coaching that it didn’t work. For Business Coaching to work it relies on the Business Owner doing the stuff that needs to be done, otherwise progress will not be made.  

 A Business Coach will make you think and that can feel hard. Progress is seldom achieved in your comfort zone and a Business Coach will hold you to account to do the things that need to be done.    


Problem 2.  You have to Invest money up front. 

So you’ve been in business a while now and have a level of success that means you are doing OK  in a financial business sense but when you started in business did you really expect to have to work all the hours that you now have to. Didn’t you expect that taking on employees to do the work would give you more spare time not less?  

And now you’ve got this person in front of you offering to help but wants money up front. So If it’s so good  and he is so certain he can help me why does he want money up front?” I can hear you thinking. 

1st of all the #1 rule of cash flow is… cash goes out 1st before it comes back in. In business terms you have to invest money and or time before you get money coming back in. It is a fundamental law. The fact is if as the business owner you are not committed and in business terms that means paying, then you won’t do the things that you need to do, to make the changes that you need to make.  

Physiologically you brain simply wont let you? The brain is hard wired to take the easy route. Now this may sound ridiculous, but the money is really for you. It’s the glue that commits you and makes you, make sure, you do what needs to be done, even when the going gets tough. 


Problem 3. Its not a quick fix 

It is true that there will be some quick wins to be had from partnering with an experienced Business Coach and together you will quickly generate enough money to more that cover the fees 

Thdeeper value comes from the compound effect of your learning and application of new ways of working.  As you get better at Leveraging your time the benefits get greater. You can get more done with less time. To get great results you have to become a great business person & as with anything new that you are learning things do not always work 1st time. 

It’s  like when a baby learns to walk. They start by working out how to roll over. Then they work out how to use furniture or other objects to help them up on their feet before finally walking by themselves, wobbly at first, before developing the skill of walking . Eventually it becomes second nature. Along the way how many times do they fall down again and the process starts again. This is the process that we all go through in learning anything new and our biggest lessons come from the failures. When we fall and have to start again but like a good parent making sure that the failures are not catastrophic. The coach will speed up you progress by sharing ideas & lessons learnt by others. 

As they say a smart man learns from his mistakes and a wise man learns from the mistakes of others & you can shortcut your route to the success you deserve for you & your family. 


If you would like to find out  more about how you can achieve more in less time while avoiding the common problems of business coaching. we offer a complimentary discovery session. It starts with an initial 15 minute assessment call so that you can assess if a coach can help you  get you & your family the lifestyle you deserve.

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